Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dolls, Toys, Plushies, Peepers, Jeepers

I have recently taken up the creation of felt dolls and objects. Here is what I've made so far. I want to get more into embroidery and more complex 3-d patterns instead of basic retarded "fluff sandwich animal" formatting. Pug was the most recent, and after that image, they're in sequence from least to most recent. Click on the images for full sizes, the formatting likes to cut things off, etc.


  1. I swear I would pay you CASH MONEY to make those for me.


  2. Like, oshitz can you make a BEECAT? A motherfucking beecat??!

  3. Beecat is the reason I took up plushifying. I have to draw him up and see what would work. And it would take a while (not nearly as long as the painting took, I still feel bad about it) but I would loooove to try to make Beecat, even if he turned out all janky.